Ferrojulia - English Catalogue

25 leading industrial distributors, 38 sales points throughout Italy, over 190 million euros in turnover: these numbers would be enough to show the advantages that, since 1992, we have been able to transfer to our end users, thanks to the development of private- label products, framework agreements with partner Suppliers and cumulative purchases. The pre- and post-sales services offered by the Associates, also with the support of the Consortium’s partner Suppliers, help customers optimize the TCO - Total Cost of Ownership. That is, to save on: • Purchasing management • Purchase prices • Warehouse stocks • Costs of production processes • Machine stops due to missing spare parts... Top of the tops High quality, first-rate service, proximity to the customer thanks to the widespread presence in the area, reliability and continuity of supply, competitive price: this is our philosophy! Each product in the CDU catalog tells a story that was born from technological research, passes through the competence and passion of hundreds of people involved in the project, and comes to life in the collaboration between the Consortium, Associate distributors and partner Suppliers. Let’s find out all the secrets of this formidable team! Union is convenience